Manager Oversight

·         Property maintenance and inspections

·         Identification of issues requiring maintenance or repair

·         Implementation of preventative maintenance programs

·         Contract negotiations

·         Review of contracted work to insure satisfaction prior to payment of invoices

·         Identification of violations, for the enforcement of the Association’s Rules & Regulations

·         Assisting in the resolution of individual homeowner issues, as they relate to the Association


Provision of Common Services

·         Violations letters

·         Procurement of competitive bids

·         Applications, Screenings and Applicant Interviews

·         Owner Surveys

·         Homeowner Rosters

·         Processing of Architectural Modifications

·         Processing of Estoppel, Condominium Questionnaires and PUD Requests



·         Manager Reports

·         Board of Director Updates

·         Establishment of Board of Director, Budget and Annual Meetings, providing notification and communication of same, in compliance with Florida State Statutes, Chapters 718 and 720


Financial Management

·         Processing of Receivables

·         Processing of Payables  (all checks signed by two Board members)

·         Reconciliation of Bank Statements

·         Monthly Financials

·         Annual Budgets

·         Monitoring Delinquent Accounts

·         Collection Letters

·         Release of Delinquent Accounts to Counsel


Processing of Your Association’s Maintenance Fees

·         Coupon Books

·         Traditional payments via mail and in person

·         ACH Payments

·         Online Payments

o   “E” Checks

o   Credit Card Payments


Policy Matters

·         Filing of Florida Non Profit Corporation Report

·         Compliance with State Statutes and Condominium Documents

·         Enforcement of Rules & Regulations

·         Establishment of Safety and Environmental Standards


Scope of Work

·         Managerial   

o   Portfolio

o   On Site

·         Janitorial

·         Maintenance

·         Concierge